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Hi there!

Nothing much to say here, really, I'm studying programming in college at the moment but I recently picked up drawing seriously and I'm aspiring to be an illustrator in the future, I'll see how all this works out.

Thanks for stepping by and don't forget to have fun with your art!

You can also find me here:
- ArtStation :…
- Instagram :…
- Twitch :


The legends were saying that if you could get close enough to one, you could see stardust in their eyes. The Elders thought that the secret of the very fabric of the Universe was known by these creatures, and that they could create or destroy entire worlds at their whim. The truth is, nobody knew anything about them. Just that once in a blue moon they would show up and interfere with the wars that were reshaping the lands, usually just killing every living creature and ending everything. Besides that, they were not interested in any conflicts, and no matter how many brave men would try to get near them, either for help or to contain their power, nobody would come back alive to tell the tale. They were indestructible, unstoppable forces of nature, and they would give nobody any reason for their actions. Some people venerated them, and thought of them as Gods that were living among them, others were fearing that one day they would unleash hell upon everything. And still, nothing could change their behavior. The dragons were always there. Waiting patiently. For thousands of years.
He was the most requested blacksmith in the whole Empire. It was said that only few got to fight with weapons and armors forged by Ulfsaag, and that even the Leader was wielding a sword that was build by him. But that was the old Empire. The new one that is ruled by beasts, and beasts don't need any fancy armor pieces. They usually just strap on themselves whatever pieces they can salvage from all the dead bodies that are always lying at their feet. His blacksmith-shop got burned to the ground one night as an orc army attacked the city, and it was only because of Nook that he got out alive. Since then, he decided to join him, thinking he could be of some help as a strategic planner. Although the monsters they had to face were reckless, they lacked a bit on the intellectual side. He missed building pieces that were destined only to the most skilled people in the Empire, and hoped that one day he could get back to doing just that, but right now, they had other priorities now, and some distant and faded dream wouldn't interfere with those.
He was the kindest of them all, always willing to lend a hand when needed. Fighting his way to a world that lives up to his ideals. He thought he could win wars and bring hope into the people hearts. But he was alone. Everybody thought he was a fool for even considering this. He didn't care that this world that has become ruled by hordes of monsters. He would trust in the blade of his sword, slashing and cutting his way to the very leaders of the armies that were bringing chaos upon everything in sight. Nobody really remembered his past, but he couldn't forgive himself for it. He thought of himself as an empty husk of a former human being. Hence his drive of making things better, not for himself, but for every other that lost every ounce of hope. He was a leader, but he didn't send his men to die while commanding. He was always the first to go into the fight, standing in the front line, battling among the soldiers that looked up to him.
Spear dude
Hello guys :) I'm back with a study of a drawing by Even Mehl Amundsen. I'm just completely in love with how this guy draws, so I'm trying to get the hang of it :D if you have some time, please, please, check up his work, he's absolutely incredible. Link here :…

Hi C:

This is a color and scenery study based on an amazing ocean picture that I've randomly found on YouTube whilst listening to music. I tried to approach it in a more graphic designy way ^^ hence the black and white composition. I also tried to use as an under-paint totally opposed colors, just to see if I can get a nice effect. It didn't really show on the final piece. I also tried to keep it somewhat realistic but painterly, which is always a challenge, I can only hope to be able to pull it off better in the future.

Anyway, it was really fun C: hope you like it, cheers ~

Progress pics can be found on my ArtStation:…



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